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  • Extreme Racing - 12 April 2014 - Phakisa
  • Extreme Racing - 24 May 2014 - Kyalami
  • Extreme Festival - Zwartkops Raceway - 9 August 2014
  • Extreme Festival - Zwartkops Raceway - 15 November 2014
Our return to Class C and the baptism of fire. Superhatch-2014-03-24-208.jpg
This past weekend saw us return to the ‘black stuff’ after missing round 1 due to G having new suspension fitted (to himself)
We have put in a standard motor with standard gearbox (out of our Opel Combo) and gone back to Class C for the 2014 season.
Thursday afternoon I managed to get out on track for one session, and as much as it felt strange getting to grips with it all again, it was great to be back in the seat… which sadly was very short lived when a water hose burst going through turn 4, it was one almighty bang I had to ensure I didn’t lift mid corner and end up going off too, a bit of hot steam/air came into the car, but nothing major and I got the car back to the pits without causing any damage to the engine.
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Goldwagen / Northern Bolt & Tool SuperHatch, round 1 of the 2014 championship was at Midvaal on Saturday the 15th of February as part of the Inland Championship. SuperHatch-2014-02-15-212.jpg
Friday saw a few of the guys and girls set out to shake off the rust after a long break, some made it to Saturday without breakages, but unfortunately not all were that lucky and a few had to withdraw from the event, but in the lineup on the day was:
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