2 Poles BUT still not a good number for us

Midvaal, pole position twice (3 times due to re-start) and still not the one for us.

Last weekend we set out to the Vaal for the Midvaal round of the championship in the cold, wet and windy conditions, (not that I’m trying to find excuses of course) luckily (or as it seems to be working for me..perhaps unluckily) I was on pole for the first heat due to the reversal of the grid from the previous finishing order which was Phakisa and well the top 5 are reversed and we finished 4th, there were 5 drivers in those 4… so yes you guessed it POLE again…

Warm up was a wet affair and I am no rain expert.. but I managed to not be the slowest of the lot, which helps actually a respectful 11th overall.
By the time we lined up for the first heat it had dried out somewhat but was still not a nice dry, warm and fast line…

Mel Spurr

Pole position and I was trying to get all the demons out of my head, as I revved up watching the lights, they went on and off and I dropped the clutch and there I stood on one spot going nowhere fast!
I was in neutral!
I am such a chop!

(Gerhard has a nice story which blames the car, but hey, no one wants to hear stories)


There I was from hero to zero (this is also pronounced differently when I say it and it starts with a different letter to)! So here I was now 6th but I was hard charging and adamant to catch (at least the Custard slice Opel Superboss of Chris) which thankfully I was doing each and every lap, I could see the back bumper getting bigger and bigger and 3 laps to go of a very long 12 lapper, I had him and I was up into 5th place J… only thing is finishing there means..YIP you guessed it pole for the 2nd heat!


And here I was on the front row again and the marshals wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again and so they gave me some advice… haha thanks guys

For the record… I took the advice :)

Mel Spurr

I had a good start, and was in 2nd going onto the back straight when the red flag came out due to an accident on the start line… so we lined up again ready for the re-start…
The marshals had however failed to tell me to go the right way and to not fall off and face the oncoming traffic … AGAIN on the first lap

Yes I did it again! (chop you say…well I couldn’t agree more)

Mel Spurr

Now I had to work to get back through the field…AGAIN (the entire field)!

And I did I put my head down and started the chase, getting through a field of 29 cars where everyone is having their own race can be tricky, especially when lots of guys like to have the extra dice with a class A car, at the end of the long back straight I braked too late and went in very hot on the dirty side of the track and bumped a class C driver putting us both into a spin and having to recover .. yes AGAIN… so off I went next hunt and eventually finished 13th overall on  the road (and 5th in class)
You know what that means don’t you?


Pole position for the next round which takes place at Kyalami on the 6th of October…

Until then have a great week and thank you for all your support, without it we would not be taking the fight to front of class A :)
Mel Spurr
See you all trackside.
Spurr Racing