A bitter SWEET day at the office

Home track, my comfort zone and determined to have a good weekend and re-gain our confidence was the order of the weekend, sadly it got a little mixed up and this is what was dished up. [singlepic id=6211 w=320 h=240 float=center]
After yet ANOTHER re-build (this car has had more engines this season than petrol), we were now confident the power would be there, off to the dyno for the power run….. and disappointment… class C power! HOW? We would also love to know.
Friday I managed to get 1 session in, but it was dismal, I could not get the little black number to rev up past 5400RPM, so Friday night a head change (no not mine the car). I drove it up and down the access roads and it was awesome so Saturday morning we did another power run and to our disgust, it was still not making the power, so we now had a tough choice go mess up peoples championships by mixing in the other classes, or just have some fun, so I put myself 32nd on the grid right at the very back not in with my class where I should start, lights on and off and I had one of my cracker starts and by turn 2 I have taken 6 cars and was loving life, on the exit… bha bhaaaa bhaaaaaa bhaaa (2 cylinders) REALLY! So I nursed it back to the infield and spectated.
[singlepic id=6477 w=240 float=center] Once back in the pits I was ready to throw in the towel and of course G said ‘NO’! and found that the coil had a small problem with the wires and TADA it was fixed, so 32nd for me again and some more fun on the cards, the light started dipping and eventually once we got started it was just about dark and now this would be fun, in the dark from the back, in a totally under powered car.
I had a good start (but not as good as the first race) and picked off a few cars lap by lap, some fell by the way side due to accidents, but I stayed out of trouble and got myself into a few little tussles with the guys and girls I usually wouldn’t ‘dicing’ with, lots of fun and seeing the long awaited chequered flag was GREAT and on top of it we had finished up 15th overall on the road.
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What a jol I ended up having after such a slow, sad start.
BUT on the other side of all of this, the best part of the day was giving back that little something that we all take for granted … we as the SuperHatch group did a charity day again and we all sported a PINK bandana (for bandana month) PINK valve caps for breast cancer awareness month, CHOC stickers (for children with cancer) and a BUCKLE ME UP sticker to raise awareness of keeping your children safe in cars.
And that makes the WHOLE lot worth while.
And then ALL of you that always support, NO matter what


The next and final round of 2013 is at Zwartkops as part of the EXTREME FESTIVAL on the 30th of November 2013.
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