A good weekend … learning and getting quicker …

We are getting quicker and quicker and I am getting more confident.

Mel Spurr This past weekend saw us take to Zwartkops for the 3rd round of the SuperHatch championship for 2012 and smiles all round. SuperHatch was the only non-National category on the day at the WesBank Super Series.
We had one session on Friday afternoon and I set out and did just a few laps as we had been out on the Sunday before and found an oil leak so we wanted to ensure that this was fixed, and it was. I was lucky enough to have been loaned 4 light weight rims and 4 new Bridgestone tyres by Gary and Mark Silverwood.. on condition I go faster than usual… hehe… YES I did … thanks guys!
So Saturday morning arrived and our warm up session 7:30am, with the top 5 being reversed from the previous round and my DNF, I would have to qualify and the best I could do would be 6th.. I was 6th quickest in the morning session but certainly not the times we had expected…with just a 1:17.638
So I lined up for race number one in 9th position as a few of the top 5 guys had not gone out… I had a rather average start and stayed where I had qualified, I was with the SuperBoss of Davison and the pack out front was in sights, but Chris was playing the ‘wide’ game that I am so good at but by lap 4 I had lined him up and had enough of this and dived him into turn 2 and made it stick I got the drive out the corner and was on the hunt, the pack had made a bit of a break by now, but I was charging hard… Mel Spurr
I got past De Lange and du Toit (yes they were retiring to the pits) and was right on the heels of van Nieuwenhuizen and only 2 laps to go and I was now within striking distance, at last I was right on his bumper… in more ways than one… I bumped him exiting turn 8 of the last lap (sorry Hilton) but it was too little too late and I had to settle for 5th place, just 0:00.116 behind him and I had done my best ever time of a 1:16.304
BUT this meant top 5 reversal at last in my favour…. Race 2 and I was on POLE!
So here it is moment of truth number 1… it was getting a bit dark as we were the last race of the day and I was so nervous… lights on lights off and away they go and Mel just stands there wheel spinning like a prize chop! My moment of glory all but a moment of ******! For me.. George had passed in between myself and Hilton into turn 1 and Hilton had me into turn 2, now I had better get a move on and go like hell, the two of them were ahead of me but a bit too far, now I had to keep the very hard charging pack of du Toit brothers, Brett, Andre and Chris behind me, they had made a clean break from the rest of class A… Andre had also chatted to me on the Sunday and told me that the only place they make any ground on me is turn 4 so I was concentrating hard on getting it right and with all the brake markers gone thanks to all the National category accidents… I was much better through there.
Mel Spurr

Jono got close and then I would pull a small gap then Brett and Mark were on him and they tussled a bit then they chased together and it felt like forever but it was just 3 laps of intense chasing from their part, and Jono ‘bullied’ me sniff sniff (I really need to toughen up)! Haha and all 3 Hondas came through in turn 4, like a freight train, but no ways I was giving up this easily, so I went with them and turn 5 we were 3 a breast into 6, 7 and 8 Mark and I were side by side, mirror to mirror and I was not giving up, but I managed to clip the curb properly exiting turn 8 and felt a ‘clack’ I got nervous and Andre got through to, now two laps to go and was 7th!

I had to be brave but smart and nurse the car home without doing proper damage but also finish the race and not get passed again, I did just that and I was happy to finish both heats and do good times and prove that these boys better watch out now this chick is on a mission.
Next round is the 16th of June at Zwartkops… and we are ready!
Pictures of Last Race here.
See you all trackside.
Spurr Racing