A turn of pace we are happy with to start the 2013 season


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First time out for the weekend as I had not had a chance on Friday due to work commitments, I went out in the bunch and decided after getting some heat into my tyres (new tyres – shiny black brand spanking new rubber – awesome stuff) but sadly after just 3 laps in qualifying I had picked up a fuel serge so I pulled in and G man started to look for the fault, he changed the fuel filter and fuel pump and re- dynoed the car and it ran clear… so here we were good to go…

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Race 1

So there was 10th on the grid, BUT I didn’t disappoint with one of my monster starts, by turn 2 I was in 5th place and showing just what a turn of pace the little black number has, going into turn 7 I had Lubbe and now the hunt was on for Davison for 3rd spot.

On lap 2 I saw my gap into the final turn and put my nose up the inside of him and made it count, third was mine, now just Geoff was left ahead of me, and Hilton was running in front, after he had built up an amazing lead, I was getting closer and closer to Geoff and knew I had what it takes, Geoff was given a warning flag and pulled into the pits, and I was gifted 2nd place not only in class but on the road, and what a way to start the 2013 season, there was no way I could catch Hilton, but I could certainly close the gap down a bit…

BUT then there it was the fuel surge had reared its ugly head and through the right handers I started to lose ground, and then it would clear again in the straights, but not enough, then with 3 laps to go, a class B driver rolled in turn 4 and this brought out the red flag, we decided not to continue with the race with the car playing up and chose to go and work on it, so I had finished 2nd in part 1 of race 1 – but sadly a DNS in part 2 meant a DNF for race 1… But it also meant that I had set the 2nd quickest time for the day.

Race 2

And due to the DNF I had to start at the back of Class A, we had lost 2 cars due to mechanical failures, and I was 8th on the grid, again no disappointing with my start and again by turn 2 I was up into 6th, through turn 3 I was in 5th and into turn 6 I was 4th, and charging hard.

Now I was going to go get that front spot, with Hilton just ahead of me I know that I had to hang onto him and we could take it to the front, but this time no such luck, the surge was back by lap 2, but this time a whole lot worse, I had to park it, in order to not ruin anyone else’s race by being in the way while literally coasting through the corners.

So a DNF for the day, but a good showing of what we are going to be doing this season… Running in front and giving the boys a GOOD run for their money

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A HUGE thanks has to go to:

ALL my amazing long standing sponsors who have so much faith in me:

Wealth Avenue, A.S.A.P Parts, Drivelines, The Harness Co, Azoic Panelbeaters… And our new sponsors ADL Roofing, AKA Signage, our friend Mike and CASTROL

THANK YOU ALL so very much for your amazing support!

The next round of SuperHatch racing will be at Midvaal on the 20th of April 2013.
Spurr Racing