The Annual Phakisa 200

The Annual Phakisa 200
The longest race of the year, where comrade and fun is what makes the
event… and of course the competiveness of all….
Friday most drivers got a few practice sessions in and there weren’t to many
problems, Saturday morning qualifying saw a red flag half way in when Theunis
put the Opel Kadett of Vernon Stoltz on its side exiting turn 1. This meant the
session wasn’t restarted as the barrier needed some work done to it. So not all
the drivers got seat time, as most share their drives with friends and make the
most of the longer race…

But quickest in class A was Morne Human in the Chris Davison (Opel
SuperBoss), ahead of Hilton van Nieuwenhuizen (ASAP/Save Guard Citroen C2)
and Brett Garland/Juan Gerber (autObarn/Jonnesway Honda Civic) in third.
Class B’s quickest man was Nic Martin who shared his drive with Louis Scholtz
(RDG Opel Kadett), ahead of siblings Stuart and Jono Konig (Northern Bolt &
Tool, ASAP Peugeot 207) and rounding up the top three Ian Kotwal and Christo
Evangelou (TEG Opel Kadett)
Class C had the Opel Kadett (Lopec/Jestik/Step it up) of Tyler Scott and Robert
Stoltz set the pace ahead of Alta van Wyk and Shaun Besteman (NG Fire VW
Golf mk1) and Vernon Stoltz and Theunis Fick (Lopec/Jestik/Step it up Opel
Then came the race and with 200km of racing on the cards, this means 1 hour
and 40 minutes of not just racing, but keeping your wits about yourself, with
42 cars on the grid, tyre ware, pit stop, a setting sun making the fast sweeps
almost totally non visible…. But fun none the less…
6 laps in Hilton had engine troubles with the Citroen crying no more, and the
battle for finishing order was between the father and son combination of John
and Jeff Kruger (Steamsure/UkubilaVW Polo), Chris and Morne and Brett and
Juan all
with less
than a
them after
the full

Class B had its ups and downs with the baby blue Kadett of Nic Martin and
Louis Scholtz having to
make 4 pit stops and lose
ground, Mel Spurr
(TAR/Castrol/G &
H/AKA/Wealth Ave
Honda Civic) having lost
VTEC, in her stint and
only fixing it when Jono
du Toit took over the
driving duties, Ian and
Christo having alternator problems in lap 10 forcing retirement….but the race
and the results were super close with the Baloyi/Ten Doeshcate combination
just pipping the Konig brothers to the line by just 3 seconds… after superb
driving from them all, and with Alex Marques (Fuchs/GW Delarey VW Golf
mk1) taking his first podium and Sammy Gerber (Forklift Connection/ASAP
Peugeot 206) taking fourth and narrowly missing the last podium step, after a
flawless drive.
Class C saw Dannhauser
(Protek Performance
Opel Corsa) have a
trouble free drive which
got him across the line
ahead of the rest of the
pack… in 2nd place it was
the rolled Kadett from
earlier in the day of
Vernon and Theunis,
ahead of Alta and Shaun after a small incident and extra pit stop to do running
repairs. Tyler and Robert had a wheel leave them with just 2 laps to go…
A great weekend enjoyed by all.

A special thanks has to go to Aggreko for assisting with some assistance for this
event in getting the SuperHatch brigade to the away race.
Class A: Jeffrey/John Kruger, Chris Davison/Morne Human, Brett Garland/Juan
Class B: Ishmael Baloyi/Chad Ten Doeschate, Jono/Stuart Konig, Alex Marques
Class C: Andre Dannhauser, Vernon Stoltz/Theunis Fick, Alta van Wyk/Shaun
Index Results: (combined with 111 Sports & Saloons) – OVERALL top 10
3rd – Andre Dannhauser
7th – Alex Marques
8th – Stuart/Jono Konig
10th Chris Davison/Morne Human
Next round is Zwartkops 21 May
THANK YOU for ALL your support