Another personal best lap time …

A great weekend’s racing at our home track and another personal best.

This past weekend we were at Zwartkops for the Inland Championships, Friday morning we set out on track at 11am (yes we waited that the track warmed up a little first) I did a few laps and just wasn’t on pace, I didn’t feel comfortable and I was battling with …well to put it honestly my head! (can you believe it a woman who admits she needed to get her head right) ;-) so I did just that and went out again at 2pm and I came back into the pits and Gerhard was smiling and just listened to my comments of which most were positive, but I had a few things I was moaning about Z(mainly my head) haha, and he just said ‘well if that was not your best, then I am very happy’ gave me a high 5 and told me I had done a 1:15.9… “Are you sure” I asked? Yep 2 of them! Now I was chuffed, but now I would have to see it officially in black and white (why I can’t just believe the oak, hey?)

We were good children for a change and went home nice and early.

Mel Spurr So Saturday morning arrived and we were out pretty late, we only went out for warm up after 9, thankfully as the track was still icy, due to our top 5 reversal from the previous round where I finished 7th I had to qualify and the best I could do would be 6th, and I did it, and one of the top 5 from the previous round was not at the race so I got promoted to 5th. I had done a 0.1:16.336, which was the quickest time from the previous race. And I was 5th quickest in the morning session.
Heat one and here I was 5th on the grid, and I was not going to have a dismal start like 2 weeks ago, and I made sure that my dummy start was right and I was ready for the lights …on and off and I got away pretty well, but Davison had a cracker of a start and squeezed through myself and Economides, into turn 2 and I went on his outside, but had to fall in behind him, through 3 and I had got the drive out of 2 and was hot on his heels going into 4 I used the opportunity early on and out braked him with my awesome EBC blue stuff brake pads and discs and went up the hill ahead of him and with the other 4 that were ahead of me on the grid, within reach, De Lange was on a charge after not getting out to qualify, he got past me in lap 5, but not without us doing a lap side by side first, & I managed to stay with him, then on the last lap Garland picked up a misfire and I was able to pass him into turn 7 and hold the line for 8, I got the flag just ahead of him took 5th, which meant POLE for race 2, but better than that I had bettered my best time and done a 1:15.605.
Race 2 and front row start (and fresh in my mind from 2 weeks ago the risk of stuffing it up …AGAIN)! So I kept the revs low and got away fairly well I lost out to De Lange who was alongside me on the grid, but on his bumper we went into turn 2 and staying with him, Economides was behind me and keeping the rest at bay. Mel Spurr
Into turn 5 and I went in too hot for the cold tyres and lost it, I was facing the field and had no option but to sit and wait that they all passed me and miss me (which thankfully they all did, I still have no idea how they missed me, but they did…PHEW)!
So once the dust settled and I managed to breathe again, I put the car into first gear and got back on to the track, in 29th place! so now the challenge was on I had to get through the field, I put my head down and chased hard, loads of the guys think great here is an additional dice and try dive you but that all makes for more fun out on track, I managed in the 8 lap race and more like 7 remaining laps to pass 14 cars and finish 12 overall and 7th in class and I certainly had the drive of my life, it was super fun.
Mel Spurr

The next round of my championship will take place at Midvaal on the 18th of August, see you there.

Pictures of Last Race here.
See you all trackside.
Spurr Racing