autObarn / Northern Bolt & Tool SuperHatch Round 07 – Spring Day Races 3rd of September Zwartkops Raceway


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This past Saturday saw the start of Spring and great weather producing great racing too.


Fast times all round… with class A’s fastest time being set at a 1.13:268 by Jono du Toit (TAR Honda Civic) ahead of Morne Human (Ancro Building Projects Mini Cooper S) and Brett Garland (autObarn/Jonnesway Honda Civic)

Class B’s Zane van Zyl (JR Panel & Paint MK2 VW Golf) set the pace with a 1.16:773, ahead of Nic Martin (RDG Opel Kadett) and Ishmael Baloyi rounded up the top 3 spots in his TAR Honda Civic.

Class C was again a close affair with Andre Dannhauser (Pro Auto Rubber/Protek Opel Corsa) on a lap of 1.18:544, just quicker than Tyler Scott (Achilles/Jestik/Lopec Opel Kadett) and Alta van Wyk (Montana Tyre Mart VW Golf) rounding the top 3 off.


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Race 1

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And with the usual top 5 reversal in SuperHatch (per class based on previous finishing order) the front row of class A belonged to Chris Davison (Opel SuperBoss) and Hilton van Nieuwenhuizen (Protek Performance/ASAP Citroen C2) alongside, Chris got the lead for the first bit… but du Toit took this before long and took Human with him, Kruger and Garland held on, while van Nieuwenhuizen retired with gearbox issues. Du Toit took the flag from Human and Garland.

Class B saw Baloyi on the front row and Stuart Konig (ASAP Peugeot 206) at his side, but it was van Zyl and Martin who got the early break, but Samuel Gerber (ASAP/Forklift Peugeot 206) tussled with them, Baloyi and Konig, but Martin took the flag from van Zyl and Baloyi rounded the top 3.

Class C’s lady racer van Wyk was on pole with Dannahauser’s mighty little Corsa alongside, but from the word go, Scott got to the front and challenged for the lead, but Dannhauser held on to take the win from Scott and van Wyk.

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Race 2

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Class A front row again going to the Yellow SuperBoss of Davison this time with Jeffrey Kruger (Steamsure Combustion VW Polo) next to him, Jeff had been nursing an unhappy engine all day, but it was again du Toit who dominated in his Honda Civic, with the Civic of Garland in 2nd and Kruger took the final podium step for race 2.

Class B saw Stuart Konig on pole with Sammy G alongside this time, and again van Zyl and Martin fought for the flag / line honours… with van Zyl taking it from Martin this time, while Stuart, Sammy, Alex Marques (AM Racing VW Golf) had a tussle for 3rd, with Stuart taking it.

In class C young Seth van Heerden (Nutritech Ford Fiesta) was on pole with van Wyk alongside him, young Seth made history, YOUNGEST DRIVER EVER in SuperHatch, 12 years old and won the class C race 2, from van Wyk and Scott.

Overall Results:

Class A:
1. Jono du Toit #33
2. Brett Garland #7
3. Hilton van Nieuwenhuizen #16

Class B:
1. Zane van Zyl #32
2. Nic Martin #99
3. Stuart Konig #63

Class C:
1. Tyler Scott #132
2. Alta van Wyk #48
3. Seth van Heerden #112

The next round will see the series go to the all newly revamped Kyalami circuit on the 22nd of October, this being the penultimate round of the SuperHatch championship, and the final round will be at Zwartkops on the 26th of November.

Race Report by: Mel Spurr #64
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SuperHatch wishes to thank their valuable sponsors: