autObarn SuperHatch competitors give back

The autObarn SuperHatch competitors have a well-deserved reputation for being a friendly and helpful bunch at race tracks. Each year they take that away from the race track at their annual charity fishing weekend when they head off for a couple of days at a venue where they can try, not always successfully, to catch a few fish, and enjoy some fun with their families.

Robert Stoltz with fish
Robert Stoltz with the proof that at least one fish was caught

In addition to the fishing and fun, there is a serious side to the weekend. An organisation close to the fishing venue that can benefit from some assistance is found before the event and the club members contribute to a list of items that are then delivered during the weekend.

Mel Spurr handed out backpacks to the children
Mel Spurr handed out backpacks to the children

Last weekend (27 & 28 October) the club members made their way to Oranjeville Holiday Resort on the banks of the Vaal Dam. Once everyone had checked in and got themselves organised, a convoy headed to the Oranjeville Primary School where each child was given a backpack containing a notebook and pens, t-shirts and shorts, toiletries and some sweets. In addition, the school was given a pack containing stationery and cleaning equipment.

Speaking after visiting the school, club chair Melanie Spurr said, “We are lucky enough to be able to compete in a sport we all love with a group of people who have become friends. This is just our way of sharing some of our good fortune with those who don’t always have the advantages we do.”