Baptism of Fire – Race #1 for us in 2014

Our return to Class C and the baptism of fire. [singlepic id=7204 w=320 h=240 float=center]
This past weekend saw us return to the ‘black stuff’ after missing round 1 due to G having new suspension fitted (to himself)
We have put in a standard motor with standard gearbox (out of our Opel Combo) and gone back to Class C for the 2014 season.
Thursday afternoon I managed to get out on track for one session, and as much as it felt strange getting to grips with it all again, it was great to be back in the seat… which sadly was very short lived when a water hose burst going through turn 4, it was one almighty bang I had to ensure I didn’t lift mid corner and end up going off too, a bit of hot steam/air came into the car, but nothing major and I got the car back to the pits without causing any damage to the engine.
[singlepic id=7081 w=240 float=center] Friday and one session at the end of the day, a longer one than the previous day and I managed to take a second off the time from Thursday (thankfully). And all stayed together and I got a few laps in, the gearbox doesn’t have the right ratios for racing and this makes it quite tricky getting out of the corners, but never the less this is what we have and this is what we will make work for the weekends race.
Saturday morning and we qualified first on the day at 7h30am, the best I could achieve would be 6th, as the top 5 would be reversed from the previous race meeting, which I didn’t take part in, sadly not all the cars were there, so we didn’t have a full field, there were only 6 of us in class C, and as a result I would start 4th in class (33rd on the grid though)
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[singlepic id=7215 w=240 float=center] Race 1: And from way back in turn 8 on the main straight I prepared myself for the huge field that I would have to get through and while watching Neil Botha get into his grid slot, to my left, I never even noticed the lights come on and off and the race was on, so I quickly got going and into turn 1 I saw a cloud of dust and a yellow flag being waved frantically by the marshals, I slowed down and managed to miss the sideways Golf of Peter Lotter that was in the middle of the track. (maybe a good thing I messed the start, otherwise I’m not so sure I would have avoided him), only problem was I was now almost last, a few guys had gone off in the dirt to miss him and were now behind me, so I had to put my head down and go.
I did just that and got a move on, I had a few small dices in the field as the faster cars got past and as I battled with some of the class C guys, on the last lap, Alta spun in turn 4, then Tony spun, I think in sympathy and I got through, into the table top, Tony did a mad last minute out braking maneuver which almost took us both out, thankfully we never touched, and I finished 4th in class C and 21st on the road and had managed to take off another.5 of a second.
[singlepic id=7350 w=240 float=center] Race 2: This time I made the reversal and finishing fourth meant I would start 2nd on class and 30th overall. Lights on and off (which I saw this time) and I got away, but terribly, and lost a few spots into turn 2, then made a few due to some sideways antics ahead of me and avoiding them. I had a nice short battle with Pieter, who had the larger anatomy into turn 1 on lap 3 and got ahead, I then had a pretty lonely race until I caught up to the back markers of class B and then had a fun battle with Chad and Michael, who eventually got ahead of us and Chad and I crossed the line .4 of a second apart.
So we finished 5th on class and 23rd overall. And managed to go another second quicker.
Overall for the day meant a 5th in class.
All in all a good day, with no damage to the car, engine or driver.
Our next race is at Phakisa in the Phakisa 200km on the 26th of April 2014.

See you all trackside.

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