The Extreme Festival 2 Day extravaganza

Round 2 of the SuperHatch championship took place at the Extreme Festival/Inland race weekend at Zwartkops this past weekend, with a record breaking entry for circuit racing with 350 entries. [singlepic id=7033 w=320 h=240 float=center]
SuperHatch contributed to this with a field of 30 cars.

Saturday morning in qualifying/warm up

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1st Race
The Big Z - Zwartkops Raceway
[singlepic id=7054 w=320 h=240 float=center] Class A, Brett Garland (Jonnesway/Rockstar Honda Civic) set the pace with a blistering 1.14:916, just ahead of Robyn Kruger (Steamsure Combustion Polo) 1.15:004 and Hilton van Nieuwenhuizen (ASAP Peugeot 207) 1.15:755. The rest of class A was all within reach except Louise who had forgotten her key to her race car at home and missed qualifying.
Lucky for her the grid from the previous event would be reversed and she was within the top 5 then.
In class B, Nic Martin (RDG Opel Kadett) was the quickest with a lap time of 1.17:113, ahead of rookie driver Renier Claasen (Spar/Tops/ Gijima Motors VW Golf) on a 1.17:223 and Etienne Spies (VW Golf) made his return with a 1.17:348. [singlepic id=7036 w=320 h=240 float=center]
In class C, Tony Hyams (Building code Ford Fiesta) set the pace with a 1.18:739 ahead of Morne Human (Action Ford, Ford Fiesta) on a 1.18:873 and Pieter Pienaar (Hatfield VW, VW Golf mk2) rounding up the top 3 with a 1.19:718.

Race 1

[singlepic id=7128 w=320 h=240 float=center] With the usual top 5 per class reversal from the previous race, a few of the fast guns were slightly further back on the grid. In class A the front row belonged to Jaco Kriel (IDG/SuperBoss Auto Opel SuperBoss) and Werner Pieterse (Pieterse Racing/IDG/Alcor VW Golf mk 1)
A great, clean start from the entire class A field with Garland getting ahead and taking lady racer Robyn with him, Pieterse was never too far off, with van Nieuwenhuizen and du Toit (TAR Honda Civic). While Kriel and Joubert kept one another honest.
Garland took the flag from Kruger and Pieterse completed the final podium step, with less than 2 seconds between them.
In class B’s massive 15 car field, the front row went to the Konig brothers Stuart and Jono respectively in their Northern bolt and tool VW Golf mk1 and Peugeot 206. There was an incident onto turn 1 involving Lotter (HM Auto/Ginami Tarcking VW Golf mk1) and Fuller (New age Tyre Specialists VW Golf mk 1), which left most trying to avoiding the sideways cars in the fast sweep. Renier Claasen had a great start with Nic Martin and got out front. Jono was not letting anyone get away from him, and came home 3rd, but was bumped up to 2nd after Classes who had won was excluded for a technical infringement, giving the win to Martin and 3rd to Spies.
In class C, it was the Action Ford team that occupied the front row and did all they could from the word go to ensure that was the order of the day for them, Pienaar, Hyams and Spurr (Castrol, Wealth Ave Opel Corsa) all had a small battle within the race, but Pienaar took the final podium step.

Race 2

In race 2, du Toit and van Nieuwenhuizen were on the front row, but Pieterse had a cracker of a start and got to the lead in no time, leaving Garland, Kruger and van Nieuwenhuizen in a tussle into turn 1, du Toit was ahead with Pieterse, with a few laps to go, Garland and du Toit had an incident in turn 8 spinning du Toit round and losing ground. Pieterse took his maiden win in SuperHatch, while Garland and Kruger completed the top 3 places. [singlepic id=7060 w=320 h=240 float=center]
In class B, Baloyi (TAR Honda Civic) was on the front row along with Spies, Martin wasted very little time in getting to the front and staying there, this time Fuller was there too and had a great come back after the first race incident, Baloyi completed the podium, but with 15 cars in the class, the rest of the field needs to be mentioned for great racing, along with a few rookie drivers who joined the ranks.
In class C, Hyams and Spurr were on the front row, but the Action Ford boys had great starts and got ahead in no time, Human pulled a gap and Botha, Pienaar, Hyams and Spurr battled it out for the first few laps until Botha got the break and took the 2nd place from Pienaar. Rookie driver Otto (VW Golf mk1) finished up in 6th.


  • Class A: Brett Garland, Werner Pieterse, Robyn Kruger
  • Class B: Nic Martin, Jono Konig, Ishamel Baloyi
  • Class C: Morne Human, Neil Botha, Pieter Pienaar
[singlepic id=7232 w=320 h=240 float=center]
The next round of the SuperHatch championship will take place at Phakisa on the 26th of April, where SuperHatch will be competing in the Phakisa 200km race.
This was a TV round and SuperHatch is proud to announce that we are back on SuperSport with the Extreme Festival and the TV times are below.
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See you all trackside.

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15 Apr 2014 Extreme Festival of Motorsport Zwartkops 21:00 22:00 SuperSport Eight P
16 Apr 2014 Extreme Festival of Motorsport Zwartkops 09:00 10:00 SuperSport Eight R
17 Apr 2014 Extreme Festival of Motorsport Zwartkops 11:30 12:30 SuperSport Eight R
17 Apr 2014 Extreme Festival of Motorsport Zwartkops 17:30 18:30 SuperSport Select SA R
18 Apr 2014 Extreme Festival of Motorsport Zwartkops 14:00 15:00 SuperSport Eight R
21 Apr 2014 Extreme Festival of Motorsport Zwartkops 07:00 08:00 SuperSport Eight R
22 Apr 2014 Extreme Festival of Motorsport Zwartkops 22:30 23:30 SuperSport Eight R
24 Apr 2014 Extreme Festival of Motorsport Zwartkops 15:00 16:00 SuperSport Select SA R