Kyalami in the month of PINK

This past weekend saw us take to the Kyalami Grand Prix circuit, not one of my favorite tracks but I certainly went a whole lot better than I usually do and felt way more confident…

Mel Spurr

After working myself up about going to essentially my ‘nemesis’ circuit it ended up not being that bad after all :)
Friday morning we set out to the circuit and I stalled as long as I could before taking to the track… but when I did realised that it isn’t all that bad, and the lack of the anatomy that is required (yes BALLS) from my side for this circuit was the only obstacle… so here goes


A few sessions and nothing super-fast from me, (although I was quite proud when there were people that I was passing in the fast scary stuff ;-) one of my prouder moments and although we never really got a decent session without it being red flagged, it was all good, the only thing that went wrong was that the alternator belt came off and Gerhard made sure that was fixed in no time…

Saturday morning and we were the first to take to the track and a bright and early 7h30 although this time of year the sun had been up for about 2 hours already…


I wasn’t all that quick but there were plenty drivers behind me and yes you guessed it I was to be on pole for the first heat after my finishing order at Midvaal, so this was on my mind more than anything, I really could not stuff this up again and in the words of my mother, ‘you have had enough practice now that you won’t stuff it up again’ haha thanks mom… guess what?

Mel Spurr

So now that I have given that one away, after a good start only Chris (with his Super Boss with LS Diff) got past me and got into the lead, I hung onto 2nd place until through the mine shaft where Jono passed me on the outside…sideways! (man I need a pair of those) then into turn 2 on lap 2, Brett, Hilton and Mark all got me…. But I hung on, they got past Chris to and I had Chris in my sights, Andre had pulled into the pits and Matt was behind us, I was on a mission to get past Chris otherwise I won’t hear the end of it for at least 6 months… but no such luck Scois and I got into a tussle and this let Chris pull a  gap then I closed it up quite a bit again and with 2 laps to go I was so close to Chris going into WesBank that I out braked myself and he pulled a slight gap again, but we crossed the line with less than a second between us… but this meant I was 6th so no top 5 reversal for me for the 2nd heat… this time I would start 6th…

G had a look at the wheel alignment as I was battling with understeer and found that I had knocked it out, so he re-set that and it was almost time for race 2, so out we went after  a long wait in pre-race thanks to a Porsche in the race before our dropping all his oil in Sunset and  Clubhouse… eish! So we lined up and the engine was already getting hot… away we went and I was up into 4th by turn 1, but back to 5th by turn 4 and back in  my 6th spot by Sunset… but I was not letting anyone get away from me this time… Mel Spurr
Mel Spurr

sadly the engine getting warm hindered that idea of mine… but I nursed it as much as I could and I was short shifting and hanging back then going again where I could where the temp dropped, but the engine was HOT…. I also discovered that I had flat spotted a tyre in the first heat after my lock up in WesBank… but I persevered and finished the race in 7th place with a rather noisy motor (sorry G) ;-)… then again he wants to put the Super Boss motor in for the last race of the year, so maybe I’m not in too much trouble…. (one can live in hope)

The best part of the day was our entire field who all carried a pink ribbon in support of Breast cancer awareness month, and it looked to pretty on the little black number.

The last round of the 2012 championship will take place at Zwartkops on the 24th of November as part of the Extreme Festival day
Pictures of Last Race here.
See you all trackside.
Spurr Racing