Kyalami – Swan Song?

This past weekend saw us at the Kyalami Grand prix circuit… [singlepic id=7841 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Which has never been my best or favourite, but with the Circuit going on public auction on the 24th of July, this may have been the last race that we get to race there… and I actually enjoyed my race weekend… and got to grips with the circuit at long last.
We had changed the computer box since the last race and after refitting another one and reloading the computer map, for some reason, the car just wasn’t the same as what we had at Phakisa, the mid-range map wasn’t great and there was an intermittent mis-fire…
Friday I managed to get out in the second session, after the queue in the office had subsided. I didn’t do any times that would be worth writing home about, but I felt comfortable and the car felt great.
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I did the next session and followed Morne around and was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t all that far off the lines..
Saturday morning saw us have the early slot… SuperHatch was out first at 07h30, yes AM… it was quite chilly and the track was still cold, but this was just a warm up for us, as the top 5 finishing order from the previous event gets reversed, so I already had a grid slot. I wasn’t very quick and had a small off in the bowl, but everything felt just fine.
[singlepic id=8110 w=240 float=center] Race 1: and I started 4th in class (which was 32nd on the grid, lights on and off (and I couldn’t see them) and was caught wheel spinning on the line… but I got away and immediately felt there was a slight mis-fire…
I completed the first lap, but lost a few spots with the mis-fire… at the end of the 2nd lap I decided to go into the pits.. G was so disappointed and walked across as if we were about to park… I called him over and said no please fiddle with the wires as we had done earlier in the week when this happened and it cleared and I was off.
Back on track now a lap down, but the car was now better and Louis had started the race late, and was with me on the main straight, so the race was on regardless of being a lap down, we were there to have fun and race whoever was nearby, Louis and I had a great battle and he eventually got the better of me with a lap to go as we exited WesBank. So I finished up 9th in class and 24th on the road. (not too bad considering we were a lap down)
[singlepic id=8144 w=240 float=center] Race 2: and this time I started 7th in class and 33rd on the grid…
This time I had a way better start and I was on the side of the track where I could see the lights… off into turn 1 and I was right up there with the first 3 class cars, Neil made a killer move on my inside of turn 2 and I was behind Louis, by the time we got to Clubhouse we were in with the back markers of class B and I got boxed in between Robert and Gert, but by the Esses I had managed to get through a small gap and start chasing Louis, Alta and the rest of the class C battle.
I managed to get up to 4th place in class C and this was where I stayed, I also managed to finish 18th on the road.
I was in a battle the whole race and I had the best day at Kyalami that I have ever had, even though I was a lap down in race 1 due to the mis-fire and the fact that I just missed the podium in race 2, I had a GREAT fun day. Final results for the day: 6th in class C
THANK YOU for all your support, ensuring I can go racing and Thanks to G and Gift for always giving me such a great car.
The next round is at East London 19 July as part of the Extreme Festival.

See you all trackside.

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