A LITTLE Something different

This past weekend saw us at the Kyalami race track in a BMW! Yes a BMW 1 Series. This is a long story so here you go. [singlepic id=6205 w=320 h=240 float=center]
After the last luckless event at Zwartkops yet another motor has been built and we had a long wait for a few of the parts, and so on, but eventually the motor was in (we have decided to go back to a EcoTec Motor, as that was our best motor yet, both power wise and reliability wise)
But Friday morning it made it to the dyno and there was a ‘noise’ one that was not worth running with and we decided to call it a day.
[singlepic id=6206 w=240 float=center] HOWEVER Willem from ASAP Parts didn’t feel the same way and late Friday afternoon when he heard this, he had a motor from their place delivered to our pit at Zwartkops and G, had his guys start with the removal of the other newly built motor.
When Willem and his guys, Robert and Petrus arrived they started transplanting and making fit what could – THANKS SO much, Willem (Herman), Robert and Petrus and all from ASAP as even Petrus’s family were there supporting the transplant.
G and I arrived at 7pm and the build was in progress, after having to fit a number of parts to mix and match (as apparently NO Opel 2 Opel motors are the same).
Eventually just before 11pm on Friday evening they had to give up as the sump didn’t even fit.
BUT hell no this isn’t really a word that G can familiarise himself with and he made the urgent late night call for help…. HENK – can we please use your 1 Series BMW at Kyalami?
The answer as quick as the pickup of the call – YES, short, sweet and to the point.
ADL Roofing
aka signage
ASAP New and Used Spares
AZOIC Panelbeaters
The Harness Company
Wealth Avenue
So there it was, I had a drive, I had since gone home to get some shut eye, G then also left and Willem and Robert – ensured the car was taken to Kyalami so that first thing Saturday morning (yes first thing – something called – dawns crack, or sparrows as you wish) when we got there ta da – a car that just needed the association stickers.
They all got working on it as qualifying was at 7am and I needed to be in the office first and could only get down to the pits with a few minutes to spare.
But I got there to this beautiful black (not quite as small as my little black number) but soooo pretty, I got strapped in (as if this was made for me) and once all safely strapped in I pushed the start button – this part would probably have to be censored – WOW what a great sound, there is nothing quite like a 6 cylinder purring under your seat. (I think I want one) hint hint…
So here we were at Kyalami and me in this pretty machine… going down the pit lane and the nearing the pit exit, I felt like a ‘pro driver’ it sounds, looks and just feels the part.
I had a few things I had to try and get to terms with in my own mind… the ‘what if I bin this’ my racing will be done for about lots of months (enough that make up a year or more)… there is a niggling mis-fire at 5400…. And getting my head around driving a rear wheel drive car and then my nemesis circuit to top it all off.
I managed to do a 2.11:528 and this was for the first time (with my mental block/s) YAY I was super stoked with this.
I was 8th on the grid in class A.
[singlepic id=5933 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Race 1

Lights on and off and off I went into turn 1 with the pack and although very gingerly putting the power down and ensuring I stayed out of trouble (or any car that got close enough to look as if we may swop paint I would avoid like the plaque), I was getting to grips with this awesome sounding machine and really starting to love it, this was one super car to drive and one could certainly get used to this.
As I entered the fast 2nd last corner (the old ‘bus stop’) I had a spray of water on the windscreen and I immediately switched the main power off and got my hands all kinds of crossed up and was doing everything I possibly could to stay out of the tyres just before the pit entrance, I managed to stay out of trouble and get the car all the way in the main straight of the pit lane and then only push the last little bit.
THANKFULLY it was just a water pipe that had burst – PHEW
[singlepic id=6129 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Race 2

And this time I had a cracker of a start (even if it was slight jump start) it was an awesome start I was in the thick of it in no time into turn 1, I had even managed to pass someone and hold it, then Lubbe got past me and I got him again and I was so much more comfortable than the first race, this was it, but then with being my usual worry pot self and having plenty stuff going through my head (yes the list from earlier) I pulled in and parked, after watching the race G said to me I should start the car and we checked all gauges and yes I had worried for nothing EVERYTHING was normal.
BUT the car was in one piece and that was the most important, and I had one super day at the track.
I really need to say a HUGE thank you to everyone – YET AGAIN
  • Henk for the use of his beast.
  • Willem for instigating this whole thing by not giving up, organising a motor from Herman at ASAP, and his staff Petrus, his wife and kids.
  • Robert who was a massive help.
  • Gift and Jaco for staying late and getting stuck in.
  • And of course G for making sure I stay focused and not letting me give up.
And then ALL of you that always support, in the good times, the bad, and the REALLY unlucky!


The next round is at Zwartkops as part of the Inland championship on the 26th of October 2013.
Spurr Racing