Return to Phakisa – Spurr Racing

Last weekend saw us return to the Phakisa Freeway for round 6 of the SuperHatch championship, this time with the Inland categories. [singlepic id=4939 w=320 h=240 float=center]
We arrived Friday mid-morning and G decided I needed to do just a few laps to make sure I was happy with the new motor (remember he blew the old motor up when we were there 3 weeks ago)
So I set out and did a good few laps in the midday session, and the handling was fine (aside from the fact that I hadn’t checked my tyre pressures) so they were just a little off… oops, but nothing too serious. But the motor just didn’t feel as if it was ‘pulling’ G said in that case he was quite happy as I had been doing 2.04’s which is what we were doing there previously (before the motor went BANG)! Hehehe – I am taking all opportunities to rub this in of course.
I went out for another session a little later on, and all was well, so we parked the car and saved the little brakes we had left that would have to last for the race weekend.
Friday evening the usual suspects in the SuperHatch crowd was having a nice fun time, a small braai was in order of course, and so were a few ‘small’ drinks….. all in good ‘spirit’ and then off to bed at a semi reasonable time so we could all get some rest before Saturday’s early start.
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[singlepic id=4940 w=320 h=240 float=center] Saturday morning and up bright and early (I’m not sure how many of us were ‘bright’ though) but never the less, qualifying was at 08h20 and I had to qualify as I didn’t finish the last event. I didn’t qualify well at ALL! 4 seconds slower than the Friday! Clearly I wasn’t in bed early enough!
So I was getting the silent treatment to which I had promised I would drive really hard in the race.
[singlepic id=4941 w=240 h=320 float=center] So here I was 8th on the grid and lights on and off and I had my usual cracker of a start, and then bapbaaaaap in 1st gear, I changed to 2nd and baaarpbbbbbbbrp, into 3rd finally this ridiculous mis-fire that had appeared from nowhere disappeared the same way, THANKFULLY! But now it was catch up time I was now behind all the class B cars and the class A cars.
So now I was really having to drive…. 2 laps in and into the fast sweep off the back straight, 2 of the class B cars were having a bit of a rub so I tapped off (THANKFULLY) and as I put the juice back on I felt and heard a KLUNK… and the car pulled left, I tapped off and went slowly into the 2nd part of the corner accelerated softly and KLUNK again – I nursed the car through the last corner and straight into the pits….
[singlepic id=4942 w=320 h=240 float=center] G was under the car as I explained there was something wrong and the ball joint bolt was gone, missing in action – gone AWOL!
So this meant I parked the car and we sent for high ten stile bolts and go the car ready for race number 2.
[singlepic id=4943 w=320 h=240 float=center] Race 2: and again 8th on the grid due to my DNF… a better start and at least hanging onto the back end of class A and the class B cars started passing me (no not the driver the car is just not on song – power wise) I did all I could and drove as hard and a fast as I possibly could, with what I have now dubbed my class A/B car  as we ran 94kg overweight (by adding just 6 kg I am in class B)!
I finished the 2nd heat and finished 7th in class and 12th overall and a respectable 3rd on index in the 2nd race of the day.
Next round is Friday the 9th of August as part of the Extreme Festival @ my home track Zwartkops, let’s hope with it being Woman’s day that I bring home some silverware.


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