Round 2 – Mahem Fun – Oval Style

This past Saturday saw SuperHatch take to some oval racing at Mahem North of PTA

Yes something a little different for us, but fun, fun, fun… and only turning right isn’t for sissies, this is hard work and takes a huge amount of concentration to stay out of the concrete walls which get rather close.

Oval racing means no qualifying, but rather a ‘lucky’ draw for the grid, all classes mixed up together and that’s how we go racing.


[singlepic id=9590 w=240 float=right]

I drew 15… LAST … so off we went and the flag dropped and I was on it, picking off one car at a time and loving every minute of the event, by the time the flag came out I was 7th OVERALL and 1st in class C, I was hoping for just a few more laps as I had another 2 cars in my sights, but it wasn’t to be and I suppose I need to be happy with an outcome like that.

Race 2 and again OVAL rules… full reversal of the draw for race 1 – POLE….

This time I would capitalise and make it all count… BUT on the out lap, I felt my brake pedal going ‘soft’… but flag down and race start… I dropped to second by the first turn and had to pump the brakes going down the straights with my left foot and then hammer it into the turns… I dropped a bit more, but I wasn’t going to give up that easily… but then red flags out due to a popped motor and bang Chris hit me and took off my mirror.

We lined up for the re-start and they put us all back in our original positions, I battled with the brakes and had to retire as half way into the race more than the brakes had gone, and I could hardly turn into the corner.. by now I knew that the CV was broken and hence the brakes also not playing along, so that was me for the event.

All in all good fun though and a respectable result in the first race.


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[singlepic id=9611 w=320 float=right]

Now the long layoff until the Phakisa 200km race in Welkom on the 2nd of May.

Don’t forget to catch the TV from round 1 Zwartkops 21 Feb

The TV from round 1 (21 Feb)

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