Round 2 of the Championship – Mahem 7 March 2015

The Leisure Grass / Northern Bolt & Tool SuperHatch went to Mahem far North of Zwartkops Raceway to take part in an oval event this past Saturday evening. There isn’t such a thing as qualifying at an oval event, but there is a lucky draw which puts us into our grid slots for race 1, all classes mixed up and part of the draw.


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Race 1 saw class A, Willem van Nieuwenhuizen (ASAP Peugeot 207) on pole with class A Brett Garland (Jonnesway, AutoBarn, Mag Lube, Honda Civic) and class B, Jaco Kriel (Brits scrapyard Opel Corsa) rounding up the top 3.


When the flag dropped it was Werner Pieterse class A (Pieterse Racing, IDG, Valhalla Spares VW Golf mk1) who got to the front fairly quickly, taking Hilton van Nieuwenhuizen class A (ASAP Citroen C2) and Andre De Lange class C (ADL Roofing Ford Fiesta) along for the ride. There were a number of drivers getting through the field and getting to grips with the oval…it’s always nice to see the ‘lower’ classes getting to the front. With Hilton taking the flag, after Werner popped his motor, and De Langes clutch gave up.. next across the line was Chris Davison class A, (Opel SuperBoss), class A Willem van Nieuwenhuizen rounding up the top 3.


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Race 2, and the way the oval works is the full grid from race 1 gets a full reversal, which saw class C, Mel Spurr (G & H Transport, Castrol, Wealth Ave, Turn 1 Opel Corsa) on pole with class C, Robert Stoltz (Lopec Opel Kadett) alongside her and class B, Nic Martin (RDG Opel Kadett) rounding up the top 3, Spurr dropped back early on and Martin got ahead, while Davison got near the front end. Hilton popped his motor leaving a very wide line of oil around majority of the circuit and the red flags came out, the re-start went back to the original grid positions, but Spurr had a problem and had to retire, while Brett Garland took the flag, from Davison and Martin took the top 3 spots.


Race 3, and here the accumulated points for the day determine the grid, this meant that Davison had pole with Garland and Willem VN, in the top 3 positions. The racing between Garland and Davison was close throughout and the cars throughout the field were in little battles, Kriel, Louis Scholtz (Car Care Clinic VW Golf mk1), and Stuart Konig (Northern Bolt & Tool Peugeot 206) had a non-stop tussle. But it was Garland who took the flag, from Davison and Willem.



  • Class A: Chris Davison, Brett Garland, Willem van Nieuwenhuizen
  • Class B: Nic Martin, Zane van Zyl, Jono Konig
  • Class C: Robert Stoltz, Samuel Gerber, Mel Spurr

The next round will take place at Phakisa on the 2nd of May as part of the Phakisa 200km race.

The TV from round 1 (21 Feb)

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