Round 2 @ Zwartkops – Home Track advantage…?

Round 2 @ Zwartkops – Home Track advantage…?
Round 2 of the SuperHatch championship took place this past weekend at Zwartkops at the Inland race day…
After a disappointing round 1 where I managed to blow up a borrowed engine… round 2 was just 3 weeks later and
with no engine, the SuperHatch family jumped in and assisted… Phil said no ways he could see a SuperHatch race
and me not in it… so he built a new engine… and in it went.. and from start to finish if there was something that
could go wrong… it did 
From gearbox, to clutch, to exhaust, to not starting…. NOT without everyone climbing in to see where they could be
of assistance… from Sammy G, Jaco, Willem, Hilton, Robert, Tyler, Nic, Gift spending countless late nights at the
workshop. (hopefully I haven’t missed anyone)
But SuperHatchers in general just are AMAZING….
Eventually Friday afternoon we got it all going and the car went on the dyno at 21h30 Friday evening…

And Saturday morning at 6am we were back at the track, qualifying at 08h40, I managed to do 3 laps, but the engine
was sounding noisy… before I could pull in, the engine cried no more…. We had run a bearing and that was the end
to my race day… 
A short but not so sweet report… BUT we are working hard to ensure that we don’t miss the Phakisa 200 race on the
23rd of April as we are going for a hat trick… last two years I have driven this race on my own and won my class each
time… so here’s to a repeat of this with any luck…. ☺
THANK you for ALL your continued support