Round 3 – the Annual Phakisa 200km race

Round 3 – the Annual Phakisa 200km race
The race we all look forward to and the weekend as a whole…
Unfortunately we just could not get the little black number up and running regardless of all attempts, new engines
(x 2 the week of the event)
BUT thankfully Peter du Toit and TAR assisted with a cabby so that I didn’t have to spectate at the Phakisa 200….
so the trusty white Honda Civic got all loaded up and we set out to Welkom’s very own Phakisa Freeway.
Friday I only did one session to make sure I was going to be okay and not break anything on the down shift… I wasn’t
setting any land speed records, but I felt comfortable that I would be ok and manage a good finish and more
importantly – finish….
So Saturday midday was time for qualifying and the red
flag came out less than half way through and I had only
managed to do 3 laps and not very quick ones at that…
putting me (or should I say us) as by this point Jonathan
du Toit and I had decided to share his trusty steed.
We were 36th on the grid (out of 42), 5th in class B

Time for the race and off I set onto the grid on a slow out lap, lined up and off we set for the formation lap… as we
entered the main straight it was lights on and off and I put foot… and nothing… the V-Tec was a mis…
I was trying to weigh up the odds of doing an additional pit stop to check the V-Tec wire or stay out there and put
Jono under pressure once I start getting caught by the other class B cars and then he has to catch up a lap for us.. yes
you guessed it, I circulated and when I saw the first class B car pass me, I decided enough was enough and I pulled
into the pits and did the routine stop, driver hand over, re-fuel, wheel change and now added to it.. fix a broken
V-Tec wire…
So Jono got in the car and all the usual pit stop goodies
were done, while I ran around trying to find electrical
wire, as by now there was a safety car out and everyone
was coming into the pits.. Chris and Hilton jumped in and
helped and we got Jono out with a working V-Tec, but the
exhaust decided it had, had enough and the Honda got
more and more noisy as the race went on with almost
nothing holding it on, and the left rear tyre cried no more
too, but Jono brought the trusty white steed home and
we finished the race.
Not the best results, but points none the less and a great weekend of fun with my awesome SuperHatch family.
5th in class B, 26th overall, 27th on Index
We even took a little bit of G with us and let some coloured smoke bombs off on the track to remember him…

I do however have to THANK EVERYONE in SuperHatch and particularly those who leant a helping hand and did what
they could to get me out on track again this past weekend, even though the Corsa didn’t play along, my SuperHatch
family did..
Thanks to TAR and the du Toits for lending me the Honda
And my Spurr Racing couterparts and others…. Phil, Alta, Gift, Solly, Louis, Chris, Sammy G, Jaco, Hilton, Willem…
everyone, sorry if I missed your name here personally.
Jimmy, Gianni, Ricky, Adam, Johan and Stephen from G & H
For creating another big happy smile moment… G & H Transport has put a new heart into the 1 series BMW that G
and I bought back last year and I put my bum in the seat and did a few laps and WOW… I have an order in for a
pair….is all I can say….
Next Race 21 May – Zwartkops
THANK you for ALL your continued support