Round 5 – Zwartkops Sasol Race Day and Woman’s Month celebrations…

Home circuit and a National race day where of course we all want to shine…
Friday practice, and I managed to get out on track for 2 sessions and the car was just perfect and so was the drivers head for a change…
So the car was parked and new tyres put on for race day.
Saturday morning:
Qualifying went alright with us posting the 3rd quickest time in class which was 12th on the road.
Race one: and the usual top 5 reverse grid from the previous race, putting me 4th (but one of the top 5 from the previous event not there) so I was bumped up to 3rd on the grid. I had a magnificent start and by turn 2 I was already fighting for the top honours in class, in no time I was ahead and before I knew it Jacques van der Zee and Andre Dannhauser were with me,
we had a monumental battle for the full race, but I managed to take the flag ahead of them both and bag a first place in class and an even better 13th overall.
Race 2: this race win from race 1, meant 5th on the grid in class, but I had a good start and I was in the leading bunch by turn 4, but on the first lap Dannhauser went off, spraying stones across our windscreens and putting a small hole into mine… by turn 2 of the next lap he had bumped rookie driver van der Westhuizen causing him to spin and I got caught behind them with almost all of class C getting past me and the few B’s that I had passed, I re-joined and had to play catch up, taking the positions one by one, I managed to get up to 2nd, but with 2 laps to go van der Zee got past me and demoted me to 3rd for class C and 15th overall and thankfully it was still enough to get me on the top step for the day and take the class C win ☺
The Premiere TV slot from this round will be on SuperSport on the Extreme Festival show on Friday the 28th of August on SS8 @ 18h30
The next round of the championship will be Dezzi Raceway in Port Shepstone on the 29th of August.
Photos courtesy of Race pics (Thanks guys)
THANKS to YOU for ALL your support