Round 7 – Zwartkops Penultimate round

Round 7 – Zwartkops Penultimate round
With the championship nearing the end and a lot at stake, this event was
vital for us to score good points…
Qualifying/warm up and as this is warm up due to the top 5 grid reversal on
the finishing order from Dezzi race 2, I would be starting in 5th place in class
5th place in class C also
means 27th on the grid.
– lights on and off and
too much wheel spin
left me where I started
and meant extra work
into the first few
corners. Alta put up a
good fight and getting
past her took 2 laps,
and Sammy on the
same lap, by lap 2, I
was in 2nd place and this is where I stayed until the flag came out, crossing
the line 12th on the road.
Race 2 and again reverse of top 5 per class so this time it meant 4th on the
grid and on the road it meant 26th… a dismal start and again to much wheel
spin and I had lost ground and positions, by turn 4 I put my nose in to gain a
position but ended up having a bumper bashing and Sammy, Tyler and
myself all coming together, leaving me way down and now last on the road
with everyone passing me…
I managed to claw back some positions and ended 5th in class and 18th on the
road, not ideal and not great for my championship as I have now dropped to
4th overall, but the points between us four is now a mere 12 points and we
have one more round to go, although 2nd in class C seems to be safe and 1st
out of reach now.
Roll on the 7th of
Photos courtesy of Racepics
THANKS to YOU for ALL your support