Round 8 the Grand Finale for 2015

Round 8 the Grand Finale for 2015
The years racing came to an end this past weekend at Zwartkops
with another superb event, but just not the end to a season that
we were expecting…
Friday we only had 1 practice session and then it was
qualifying/warm up for the grid (as we base the grid on the top 5
finishing order from the previous event).. this meant that after my
little accident at the last round and only finishing up in 5th.. I was
on pole…
So Saturday morning arrived and SuperHatch opened the day with
our race… and I
had a dismal start
thanks to a few
class B drivers not
getting into their
correct grid spots
and causing some
havoc on the grid,
with me not
seeing the lights.. I
had dropped to 3rd
by turn 1 and back
to 2nd by turn 5…
This was all I needed to do and stay out of trouble and just rake up
those points that I needed to get me back into the top 3 overall for
the season…And I did just that.. BUT then KABOOM into turn 4
with a lap and a half to go… I destroyed the motor putting a
conrod through the block and ruling out my title chase and the
chance of starting the
2nd heat for the day…
ALTHOUGH this motor
has done us very well
for 2 seasons… so I
think we should be
happy with that.. and all
in all it was still a good
We finished the year
2nd in class C and 5th overall …
still a respectable result non the
less.. and we will be back….
Photos courtesy of Racepics
THANKS to YOU for ALL your ongoing support