Spurr Racing – Post-Race Report

This past weekend saw us set off to Meyerton to the Midvaal circuit for the 2nd time this year, and this time it was dry and not as cold… what a relief. [singlepic id=4101 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Friday we did a few sessions as we were trying to establish if we should go back to class B or stay in class A, as you know SuperHatch is a power to weight ratio category and the car and driver combination since Kyalami has been running as a class A/B car as I like to put it (a class of my own) as the car was we were 85kg over weight for class A and needed only add 15kg to be in class B. After much debate we have decided to stay in class A and change the head (no, not the drivers head – as much as that may help some days – the engine cylinder head) and try get more power.
Our friend Jose ‘porra’ Sardhina who travels to South Africa from Nigeria to race in another category each race had a major engine failure on Friday afternoon and G who has raced with Jose for many years wasn’t prepared to let his long time racing friend not race, and so offered him the little black number to race in MPC for the day to, so lots of work for the Corsa, but nothing she can’t handle.
Quali/Warm up: I set out and did what I could with the power that we had and put the little car 7th on the grid (effectively last in class) no idea why I was so slow, but this just meant try harder in the race. I had done a 1.21:022 and the Porra in his quali had done a 1.22:154 – remember I now had 2 races on my hands for the day my own in SuperHatch and to be quicker than Jose.
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[singlepic id=4083 w=320 h=240 float=center] Race 1: and lights on and off and I got away into turn 1 I had a spot I had passed Moloney in the Peugeot, and into turn 3 another Peugeot this time Jaco Lubbe, now lying 5th, and on a mission, across the line to start another lap and into turn 2 up the inside of Pierre and into 4th place, the front 3 had pulled a gap and I couldn’t close it, but I wasn’t prepared for it to get any bigger either I did my level best and held the 4th place to the flag. My times in race 1 – 1.20:702 and Jose in race 1 – 1.21:281 So the race is being won by me so far then.
[singlepic id=4084 w=240 h=320 float=center] Race 2: and top 5 reversal on race 1, saw me 2nd on the grid alongside Greg, light on and off and I was off like a rocket ship of note, I had got the jump on all of them and lead into the corners onto the long back straight and past the line to lead the first lap, Geoff was on my tail and got past into turn 2, and I stayed with him as mucha s I could, Hilton was getting closer in my mirrors and 2 laps later he had me at the end of the long back straight, then Brett started to get bigger in my rear view mirror and got me with just 4 laps to go, I was in 4th place again and couldn’t catch the guys ahead of me and the guys behind me were far enough back to not have to worry, so all I could do was drive as hard as I could and ensure that that ‘Porra’ friend of ours was not going to be quicker than me in my own car for the day!
I ended 4th again and that gave me a 4th for the day, overall.
[singlepic id=4100 w=320 h=240 float=center] My race time for race 2 – 1.19:844, and the Porra you ask? Argh I think he must have cooked the tyres and given me warn tyres each time he pipped me by 0.178! He did a 1.19:666 in his 2nd race….
But in my mind I won class A/B.
I also won index of performance (both races) and overall.

As always – THANK YOU – for all your support.

Spurr Racing