Spurr Racing… Winter Races in Meyerton

Spurr RacingThis past weekend we set out to the very cold and Icey town of Meyerton to the Midvaal circuit, Friday once the mist settled and we could see past the end of the Silver Dream Machines bonnet, we set out in the first session of the day, on a still quite damp circuit, post a rather large storm Thursday… we were happy with the times and I was happy with the way the car was handling, Graeme and the team had done a great job.

2 more sessions and I somehow lost the plot and went slower with improving track conditions… so home for an early night and a large dose of Flu meds to try and handle the sniffles…. So that I could be fresh and ready for Saturday morning’s race day…

Saturday Morning quali as always in SuperHatch is merely a nice warm up session (and an excuse to get out of the cold air), I would be starting 3rd in class regardless, due to the top 5 grid reversal from the previous events finishing order..

Mel SpurrRace 1:

…so there is was 3rd in class and 11th on the grid, lights on and off and off I went, not as well as I had hoped for, and Louis went straight through the middle of Sandro, Shane and myself, and legged it… I managed to get past Shane eventually and Zane passed me and there I was 3rd again… Alex got to close for comfort for a while and gave me a small tap on the bum to hurry me up going onto the back straight, and Sandro with 2 laps to go managed to pass me, demoting me to 4th in class, BUT he was penalised for a jump start and I reclaimed my 3rd place in class and finished up 6th on the road.

Race 2:

Another top 5 grid reversal and again 3rd in class and 11th on the road… with my new team mate Raais directly in front of me and Alex alongside, I knew I had to make the start count, and this time I did, off the line and into first place, Louis again out of nowhere caught us all and slid up the inside of the already 3 way battle going into turn 1, half way through the hair pin, I managed
to lose the back and never managed to catch it… (What a rookie error)! I waited (im) patiently while the entire SuperHatch field went by and I then rejoined when it was safe to do so…

LAST… I managed to make up a few spots, but nothing worth writing home about, but I finished and got myself back up to 7th in class B and 11th on the road.

Mel SpurrOverall:

5th in class B for the day BUT more importantly I managed to take 3rd in the class B championship standings and I have wormed my way into the top 10 overall by sneaking into 9th spot… roll on the rest of 2018….

We will be going to East London in 2 weeks’ time for some additional seat time to race with 111 again, due to the long gap until our next SuperHatch race on the 11th of August @ Dezzi in Natal ☺