SuperHatch – Annual Charity Fishing weekend

[singlepic id=2415 w=160] This year the SuperHatch Charity Fishing weekend was all about the animals, we decided that we would help our furry friends with some food to keep them warm this winter.
We set out to Club Amigos at Rietspruit dam in Ventersdorp on Friday the 20th of April for some fishing fun, tents, and tow vehicles being the choice of accommodation for the weekend by the drivers and friends and family, this time of year we are just approaching the end of summer which adds some spice when to being a little chilly and camp fires help get the ‘ambiance’ at the side of a dam! Yeah right haha
But the tents went up, braai and kuier fires going and yes cooler boxes and we pretty much took over as we do.
[singlepic id=2416 w=200 float=left] [singlepic id=2417 w=200 float=right]
We had a couple of fish caught on Friday night AND A FEW MORE Saturday and Sunday (most really by chance that they had been caught while swimming by)
[singlepic id=2418 w=200 float=left] [singlepic id=2419 w=200 float=right]
We also had a ‘driving’ competition… no not that type… GOLF… we ended up seeing who could send the ball the furthest both conventional style and ‘happy Gilmore style’ and with our ever creative personalities made our own tee’s
[singlepic id=2420 w=200 float=left] [singlepic id=2421 w=200 float=right]
But the weather turned cold and the heavens opened late afternoon Saturday and as we always manage to find out everything we set off to a small room where there were 2 pool tables and the rugby… and most importantly it was dry. Sso the ever competitive nature of us racing drivers took over and the bets were on for the games of pool to.
The prizes for all of these disciplines will be handed out at our next noggin after the next race.
But at the end of the day a bakkie load of dog and cat food was collected and that is essentially what the weekend was about, those less fortunate, we just have fun while lending a helping hand.
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This will all be delivered to the wet nose kennels in Pretoria.
Thanks to all who contributed and had fun while doing so.