Superhatch ends on a high

It was Zwartkops Raceway 50th birthday on the day before the races and they celebrated by having 319 cars entered. The biggest Inland race day ever. It shows our strength that 36 of the entries were from SuperHatch.


Temperatures in the mid-thirties meant that really fast times would be impossible. As usual, Mark Silverwood (OKI Printing Solutions MINI Cooper S) was fastest in class A managing a very rapid 1:15.1. Class N was again dominated by Jacques Joubert (CarKing Ford Fiesta) with a 1:17.2. Class B saw the Class B points leader Hilton van Nieuwenhuizen (ASAP Parts Peugeot 206) put it on pole with a 1:17.6 ahead of 2010 class B and overall winner Nic Martin (RDG Opel Kadett). Jeff Langeveldt (Fury Ford Fiesta) again proved the quickest class C competitor managing a 1:19.7 ahead of Vernon Stoltz (AFW Engineering Opel Kadett) and third quickest the ever consistent James Menin (West Cars Opel Kadett).

Race 1

The usual top 5 reverse grid within class, with the exception of class A & N who combine saw Jacques Joubert starting in P1 ahead of Brett Garland (JS Racing Honda Civic). Joubert’s lead was short as he was swamped by the faster class A cars going into turn 2, Silverwood, who started 5th, took the outside line and came out of the turn in 2nd place behind Garland with Mark du Toit (TAR Honda Civic) in 3rd place. Going into turn 8 at the end of lap 2 Garland took the defensive line and Silverwood took the outside line and drove around the outside of Garland with the two of them just avoiding contact. They continued next to each other into turn 1 before Silverwood took the lead into turn 2. He then opened a sizeable gap as Garland and du Toit fought over 2nd place. Joubert held off a determined Basil van der Westhuizen (JQ Civils Ford Fiesta) to take the class N win.
Class B saw the Golf MK 2 of Pierre Lubbe (Trio Racing) on the front row and alongside him was Martin, followed by Mel Spurr (ASAP, George Economides, Harness Co. Opel Corsa) van Nieuwenhuizen and Chris Davison (Opel Super Boss). Lubbe had a great start and took Spurr with him into turn one and a few bumpers and sideways cars made it tricky to get through, the leading class B cars made it through without damage however a few drivers further back had to take evasive action and ended up losing ground. This allowed Lubbe, Martin, Spurr & Davison to get a bit of a break on the rest of the field; Spurr picked up a problem and slowed allowing both Martin and Davison past. Spurr continued and was caught by Ryan Quan-Chai (Honda Civic) and van Nieuwenhuizen who was recovering after being caught out in the mess at the start, but it was too late he had to settle for 6th place. Lubbe took his second win of the year ahead of Martin and Davison.
On the front row of Class C was Walter Menin, the son this time, (West Cars Golf MK1) alongside the 1 series BMW of Henk Swanepoel (Renexcon), off the line they had Langeveldt and James Menin right there with them. The BM suffered over-heating problems and retired on lap 4. Langeveldt took the flag ahead of James Menin with Stoltz in 3rd.

Race 2

VW Golf driver Geoff Tugwell (it-connect) was on pole ahead of Joubert and Garland. Silverwood had another tremendous start from 5th and was quickly behind Tugwell who took the inside line into turn 2. Meanwhile Garland, Mark du Toit and Joubert went around the outside of the turn and straight past Tugwell and Silverwood. Silverwood recovered to pass Joubert and Tugwell down the back straight to be third going through turn 4. Silverwood then made a move for 2nd place at turn 8 getting inside Mark du Toit and the two of them drove side-by-side through turns 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 before Silverwood managed to nose ahead through turn 7. Garland was still leading at this stage. Silverwood made his move going into turn 2 on lap 3, squeezing past Garland who showed his skill by giving him just enough room to take the inside line. Down the back straight Garland came back and took back the lead at turn 5 before Silverwood did a classic cut-back maneuver and went inside Garland into turn 6. Once in the lead he opened a comfortable gap to Garland and Jono du Toit (TAR Honda Civic) who passed brother Mark when his engine overheated. Joubert took the class N win ahead of a very determined van der Westhuizen who finished closely behind.
The class B front row was occupied by Quan-Chai and Spurr, followed by Martin and Lubbe. Quan-Chai and Spurr got away off the line and van Nieuwenhuizen who was 6th on the grid came through like the rest were looking for parking. Meanwhile Lubbe immediately retired with a broken clutch. Van Nieuwenhuizen then moved to the front in no time with Quan-Chai keeping him honest. The class N car of Jason van der Westhuizen (JQ Civils Opel Corsa) was holding them up and Spurr caught up and the first three places could now go to anyone of them, Spurr dived up the inside of them into turn 2 but over revved on the down shift and Martin who had now caught up got past her. Martin got past Quan-Chai, but van Nieuwenhuizen took the flag.
Class C had Marius Lotz (Team Gregory VW Golf MK1) on pole and next to him was Vernon Visagie (UNO’s Africa, Jakes Exhaust Fiat Palio). They battled hard and Stoltz made his way through with Langeveldt in no time, Menin just couldn’t stick with them in the beginning stages and got close to Stoltz near the end, but Langeveldt had gotten away, Visagie heldc onto 4th place, ahead of Lotz, but the day belonged to Langeveldt.

Race 1:

Class A – Mark Silverwood; Mark du Toit; Brett Garland
Class B – Pierre Lubbe; Nic Martin; Chris Davison
Class C – Jeff Langeveldt; James Menin; Vernon Stoltz
Class N – Jacques Joubert; Basil van der Westhuizen; Jason van der Westhuizen

Race 2:

Class A – Mark Silverwood; Brett Garland; Jono du Toit;
Class B – Hilton van Niewenhuizen; Nic Martin; Ryan Quan-Chai
Class C – Jeff Langeveldt; Vernon Stoltz; James Menin;
Class N – Jacques Joubert; Basil van der Westhuizen; Jason van der Westhuizen


Class A – Mark Silverwood; Brett Garland; Geoff Tugwell
Class B – Nic Martin; Hilton Van Nieuwenhuizen; Ryan Quan-Chai
Class C – Jeff Langeveldt; James Menin; Vernon Stoltz
Class N – Jacques Joubert; Basil van der Westhuizen; Jason van der Westhuizen

The 2011 SuperHatch season has come to an end, but not without many great times. With us not revealing the overall championship points until the awards function, you will have to wait until then or the week after for the final class and overall championship placing’s for 2011.

See you all trackside.