SUPERHATCH NOGGIN Friday 19 June @ Aces

Welcome Mel welcomed all and thanked everyone for such a great turnout.
Apologies Robyn, Stuart, Sean Ward, Nic, Rodney
Previous event Round 4 – Zwartkops – Youth day celebrations.
Good day all round but bumping is getting ridiculous we opened up the yellow card rule and now it seems it makes
life harder for the committee.. if you can’t all fill in reports properly and you are going to keep on pointing fingers
then we need to be FULL of crap again…. and no tolerances….
Conduct – you cannot swear at people … you are licence holders and this cannot happen. MSA may remove your
Willem stood up and apologised to all (thanks to him) the only one brave enough to do so
Technical & car checks Rodney and Francois did a number of checks and we found a few small things…
ALL technical queries are to be directed directly to Rodney and Francois that is their role on the committee.
Sponsors Thanks to them as always
T.V This round is on Super Sport SS8 on Friday the 10th of July.
Upcoming events: OVAL 10 October?? Mel to get more details before we make a call
CIP – 2 August – Extreme stand? Who can bring their car and something different? Chris has put R1000 up for grabs
for a ‘quick wheel change” competition for the public, cars that are available, Hilton, Peter L, Brett, Alex, Renier, Jaco,
Andre Dan, G’s 111 BMW, Sean Ward… Brett to speak to Jonnesway about a tool stand on our stand, Ducky to bring
music again… bikini car wash?, Shawn Besteman will chat to Tiger wheel and tyre about give a ways.
Fishing – dunno when??
Points Please check the points table and sign or object – YELLOWS! – all objections need to be my mail no later than
Monday the 22nd at 12 midday – the mail needs to be sent to the ENTIRE COMMITTEE to be addressed. Anything after
that will NOT be entertained.
Website thanks Paul for the pics so fast ☺
General Castrol Product only for those of you that are here. Or if you sent an apology, Jackets, are here too R200 per jacket,
thanks to all the sponsors.
Moto GP 16 Aug – Braai and SuperTraxSunday? And passenger rides – NOGGIN post 8 August? All agreed and we will be taking the league winning
rugby team around as passengers (Andre canteen kids team)
Thanks to Willem and ASAP for the trophies…AGAIN
Floating trophies and keep sake
Rookie of the day – Andre Dannhauser
Driver of the day – Werner Pieterse
Spirit of SuperHatch award – Robert Stoltz
A – O – Tyler Scott
Crowd Pleaser – Chris Davison
Index winner – Hilton van Nieuwenhuzien
Birthdays – Happy Birthday June babies
Draw for free entry – Renier Claassen