Woman’s Day not for me

This past weekend saw us at our home track Zwartkops for what we had hoped would be a Woman’s day gift for me… but that was not to be. [singlepic id=4517 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Thursday was the official practice day and with being in the office most if the day I only managed one session very late in the afternoon, and found that the car was not handling as well as it always does. Thankfully on checking it was clear that it was just the wheel alignment and the fact that we had the very old worn Phakisa rubber on the car that was the cause. So a quick adjustment and tyre change and all was set and ready for Friday’s races.
Friday we had an early start as we were to qualify at 07h30, Firstly the heavens opened and put a dampen on our spirits and high hopes of a great big audience, and just before it was time to qualify then it stopped but the track was left wet and slippery, so we dropped my tyre pressures and put the C-Thru on the windscreen and I set out to get some laps in. I went out and the handling issues from the day before felt better, although this is very difficult to gauge when the track is wet and you aren’t quite pushing as you would in the dry.
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[singlepic id=4716 w=320 h=240 float=center] I locked up once in turn 5 and again in turn 2 and managed to get myself in a spin and recover without getting stuck each time. and it felt ok out there (now that I am no longer scared of the wet thanks to the wet Midvaal race earlier this year) the time sheets came out and … no such luck clearly my webbed feet had not done the trick and I was 8th quickest in class and 16th overall! (although having said that there was only 7 seconds covering the top 20 and that in the wet isn’t too bad)
[singlepic id=4929 w=320 h=240 float=center] Race time and I was last in class A and 10th on the grid! Due to the usual reversal and having to qualify. I had an average start and made up 2 spots by the exit of turn 2 and I was so sure that if I could hang on for a bit and just stay focused I would be able to get a top 5 for the race. The car however had other ideas with me.
On lap 2 I felt a ‘jerk’ like hiccup out of turn 3 and it cleared, out of turn 6 the car died and I just freed back to the pits, and parked in the parce ferme area, G was there in no time and THANKFULLY I had not tried to re-start the car on circuit as I would usually do, and I had rather just parked it, the fuel rail had come lose and thankfully only caused the car to stop, this could have been a massive fire. So goes to show how strangely weird but good it was that I didn’t try and start the car – PHEW!
So in between races and the team worked on the car and ensured that everything was tight and in place and race 2, I was now 9th on the grid, another ok start but no gain on position, into turn 5 on the first lap the safety car boards and double waved yellow flags were out and we all slowed down and passed the stricken class C car in turn 1, after 2 laps under the safety car, it was green and the Renault driver in front of me left a massive gap between himself and the rest of the class A field, frustrating me so that on the re-start and into turn 2 I out braked myself out of sheer frustration and locked up the still cold tyres, putting me into a spin and over the inside curb. I rolled back to the outside of the circuit and thankfully the 20 class B and C cars all missed me (THANKS guys and girls) and I rejoined the back of the pack, but something was wrong. a FLAT! So I pulled off in turn 3 and limped back to the pits on the outside of the circuit, the tyre had come lose from the rim. Double DNF! Not the ideal woman’s day.
But in good spirit as we always are and after the prize giving and a small social with our friends at the pub, and G leant my car out (AGAIN) to Louis for the following days 111 Sports & Saloons race. And he didn’t have a great day either (other than lots of fun) First and foremost we ensured my name was covered and his was written on the tape covering my name ‘CHOP’ (although just about everyone that was there Friday thought it was for me due to my silly error in turn 2 the day before) and then saw that the drivers head was in fact above the steering wheel and not staring straight into it and realised it wasn’t me (and of course because he was 2 seconds a lap slower than me per lap)
Louis didn’t qualify and was supposed to start at the back of the grid but for some reason got bumped up, he had a good start and was in the thick of it, but sadly the woes that we have been suffering with the car losing power as each lap goes by is still there and each lap he sadly lost a position, but finished well and started the 2nd heat – but retired due to the gearbox this time saying no more!
So after much assistance and help and work and changing EVERYTHING to find the problem with the power loss and the lack of power readings on the dyno we are no better off and down a few $$$$ and no change. Other than, the engine, exhaust, computer, alternate dyno runs, a different engine builder, manifold, injectors…. You name it. It has been changed!
So the next few weeks will see us build yet another motor and hope for the best…
Next round is the 14th of September at Kyalami again as part of the Extreme Festival HOLD THUMBS – That I can be back on track (so to speak) and back up there with the boys.

THANK YOU for your FANTASTIC support – our luck has to turn at some point

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