What is SuperHatch?

SuperHatch is a club racing series backed by Zwartkops Raceway, aiming to make racing fun, accessible and enjoyable. It’s a great place to start, or keep, racing if you want competitive racing, with a great group of people, without breaking the bank. And, of course, we entertain spectators with good, close racing!

Visit us in the pits when you’re at our next race, contact any of the committee members to get involved, and join our Facebook Supporters Group to stay up to date.


The Theory behind SuperHatch:

SuperHatch is based on the power-to-weight theory, with four classes available. A dyno power run is conducted following which engines are sealed and no changes may be made to, for example, the cylinder head, cylinder block, manifolds or engine management system thereafter (if changes are made, a new dyno run is required). With this formula, it means that it does not cost a fortune, allows multiple brands and car models to compete, and ensures your car will have a place in one of the classes. Other limitations include that the bodyshell and silhouette must remain as per the standard road car, only 2-wheel drive 4-cylinder cars are allowed, adjustable dampers are not allowed, and camber is limited to a maximum of 4 degrees. A spec tyre is used, namely the Dunlop Direzza DZ03G H1 (hard) semi-slick tyre. Of course, safety is also key, so at least a bolt-in roll cage, four-point harness, fire extinguisher and cut-off switch are required in the car, with the driver required to wear a fireproof overall and helmet.

That’s the simple SuperHatch formula. 


What does it cost?

To go racing, you’re likely looking at the following once-off purchases:


R30,000 to R120,000 +


R15,000 +

Safety gear (suit, gloves, boots, balaclava, helmet)

R7,000 +


R5,000 +

Fire extinguisher (1.5kg DCP)


Your annual expenses may include:

MSA License + Insurance (club-level)


SuperHatch Membership


SuperHatch registration day dyno run


Front brake pads

R2,500 +

Front brake discs

R1,000 +

Engine oil & filter

R650 +

Fire extinguisher service

R140 +

Per race event, you can expect to pay:



Fuel (6 to 10 litres per session)

R130 to R220 per session (at R22 per litre).

For a race weekend of 3 practice sessions, qualifying and 2 races: R780 to R1,320

Tyres (two new every 2nd race)

R1,900 per tyre

Sundries and general maintenance

R500 +

Finally, crashes, breakages and an engine refresh may come into play, so make sure you have a buffer to cover these. It’s very dependent on the car and the labour required for the repair.


Resources for racing drivers and enthusiasts:

A full set of SuperHatch regulations is available here.

One of our passionate competitors created a dedicated page with resources to improve and help develop club- and grassroots-level racing. Anything from driver improvement, suspension and tyre setup, track maps (of SA tracks) for note-taking and videos with some onboard video footage can be found, click here to visit the site. Whether you race in SuperHatch or another category, do sim-racing, or love all things motorsport, there is bound to be something of value for you. And remember to pay it forward, let’s grow racing together.


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