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We’d love to hear from you – whether it’s good, bad, or ugly – to ensure we can continue to improve the experience for all our stakeholders. Please share your thoughts using this form and the committee will endeavour to use your feedback for the betterment of the club and your experience.In accordance with the SuperHatch Regulations Appendix A Introduction, if there is any uncertainty as to the legality of a car or any modification then it is the responsibility of the competitor to seek approval in writing from the committee before the modification is done, prior to entering the car, using this form.
Francis Aldrich (Chairperson)Zelda Verster (Secretary)
082 406 9110071 670 0585
Mark du Toit (Treasurer)Andre Dannhauzer
Francois BurgerPaul Bedford (Media & PR)
Committee Consultants:
Braam Muller (Technical & Dyno)Jonathan du Toit (BOP Assessment & Driver)
071 364 3064083 256 0168
ATS MotorsportDunlop
+27 11 670 8400+27 11 670 8400
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